Singli Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu

Friends, Family, and I decided to take a trip towards South Cebu (specifically San Fernando, Cebu).  We heard good things about a mountain resort called Singli Mountain Resort. The trip was about 45 minutes from Cebu City. And, once we arrived at Singli, we were impressed. Although about 3 km going up from the national highway, the trip was worth it. Singli mountain has 3 swimming pools, cottages, cottages for overnight stay, and a store. Entrance was quite cheap, only 50 pesos per person. We will definitely go back to this mountain resort up high in the mountains of San Fernando, Cebu. Thanks to Singli Mountain Resort for the friendly accommodation, clean resort, spring water pools, and beautiful mountain top view.


2 thoughts on “Singli Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu

    • Hi Jepoy, here are details I copied and paste from Singli’s information on facebook. SingLi Mountain Resort
      By San Fernando, Cebu · Taken at Tonggo, San Fernando, Cebu

      Singli Mountain Resort
      Why Singli?
      From the combination of Arsing (sing) and Lilia’s (li) names, owners of the resort.

      Contact Numbers:


      –Habal-habal or Owned vehicle

      –Dormitory for one night (2 persons at 1,000 additional 200php per excess person.
      *dormitory has two washrooms (upstairs and downstairs)
      *has a pool
      *has a mini kitchen
      *has a veranda

      –Mini Art Museum
      –Stone houses
      –Mini Store

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