Being Fit will save your life and a lot of money


I’ve taken my health very seriously this year. Reasons are: to look great, have more energy, think clearly, and save money. Doctors, hospitals, and medications are expensive, so I rather not even deal with it at all. Exercising daily (or as much as I can) is actually tough. It’s tough just getting up and doing it when your mind makes so many excuses not to do it or to do it later. I learned the best way to exercise is to just go and do it, no matter the time of day or night. As long as your doing it. Whether it be jogging, lifting weights, stretching, or playing a sport, just go and do it. You’ll feel great about yourself, you’ll look better, and you will least likely to get sick. Also, remember to eat healthy. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bad tasting greens and vegetables. There are many recipes online to work with. Eating healthy is also much cheaper than eating the fast food diet. It takes discipline and most of us grew up without it or no one really taught us how. The internet is filled with websites to help teach you to become healthy. Whatever the exercise it is, just do it (stop making excuses), for yourself and for your health & wealth.


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