Aguinid Falls , Samboan , Cebu , Philippines

We weren’t planning to go to this place (supposed to be going to another place), and we didn’t know where we were going (lost because map was on the phone and phone froze/broke on the way). We were headed in the wrong direction according to the people we asked. I then saw a sign to this place (Aguinid Falls) and went in because Angelee & Yanshai have never seen a waterfall. Entrance is Free for kids and 40 pesos for adults plus 2 guides come with you for Free as well. This is about 140km from Cebu City. If anyone goes here, look for Richie. This guy carried Angelee while climbing up some steep waterfalls. This place has 8 levels, they say 6 and all guides stop at 6. Angelee & Sharon made it to 6. To get to level 7 & 8, be physically fit and ask the guide if they are okay with it since it is a risky climb. I found out after reaching the top and almost falling that many have fallen from level 7 & 8 (good thing he told me after I reached the top). There are no pictures of level 7 & 8 here, but there are videos I will upload. What we thought was a bad thing (broken phone & getting lost), turned out to be a very good thing.
“Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place”
True Here


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