dPond Family Fun Fishing

Facebook/Instagram: @dpondcebufishing


Relax, Fish, Laugh, Zipline, Boat Ride Together

Fun Memories That Last A Lifetime

Cebu’s Original Family Fishing Village

Location: Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines (please see map & directions below)

Contact number: (032) 4241750 (Landline)

09333369386 sun,  +639064521028 globe 09156860926

Fishing/Restaurant hours: 8am-8pm (Saturday & Sundays & Holidays)

8am-6pm (up to 8pm extended time on Monday-Friday)

We are open everyday Monday-Sunday, & open on all Holidays)

Parking: Free

Entrance: Free

Wi-Fi internet access: Free in all cottages

Deluxe Cottage rental: 400 pesos (good for the whole day/ maximum 15 people)

Floating Cottage rental: 500 pesos (good for the whole day/maximum up to 8 people)

Center Cottage with room: Room includes 1 double sized bed and fan. 600 pesos (good for the whole day 8am-8pm. For overnight stay only, 6pm- next day 12pm checkout, 600 pesos. OR, for whole day use plus overnight is 1200 (12pm next day checkout). Safety maximum limit in cottage is 10 people). Reminder for overnight: no fishing when store closes, fishing may resume when store reopens at 8am the next day

Executive Cottage (EC):  2 bedrooms (each room has 1 double sized bed) & 1 air conditioner (good for the whole day/or for overnight stay/maximum up to 15 people). Great for small get together events/birthdays/parties. Day Use: 8am-8pm:1600 pesos  Evening to overnight use: 6pm-next day 12pm:1600 pesos OR Day use plus overnight: 8am- next day 12pm checkout (12pm if no other reservations, if other reservations 9am checkout): 2200 pesos

event cottage
Party cottage

Party Cottage: 2500* pesos for 6 hours (choose 8am-2pm OR 3pm-9pm) (OR 8am-9pm 5000pesos) (includes 20 chairs & 5 tables plus cement seating around cottage for more people) for 50+ people/Great for birthdays/parties/company outings/reunions.) Wash area and nearby CR included. Additional chairs at p15 each, additional tables at p40 each. For videoke/sound system in cottage add 1000/6hours or 2000/all day use.  (downpayment for reservation and advance payment needed for this cottage, additional tables, chairs, videoke/sound system)

stage open area cottage
Stage Open Area

Stage Open Area: 2500 pesos for 6 hours (choose 8am-2pm OR 3pm-9pm) (OR 8am-9pm 5000pesos) Great for celebrations / debut / wedding reception / birthdays / anniversary party / large company outings / big reunions. Nearby CR included. Stage use included. Additional chairs at p15 each, additional tables at p40 each. For videoke/sound system in cottage add 1000/6hours or 2000/all day use.  (downpayment for reservation and advance payment needed for this area, additional tables, chairs, videoke/sound system)

Party Cottage + Stage Open Area: 5000 pesos/ 8am-2pm OR 3pm-9pm (includes 20 chairs and 5 tables). For 80 to 100+ people. Additional chairs at p15 each, additional tables at p40 each. For videoke rent, add 1000/6hours or 2000/whole day. (advance payment required for additional tables, chairs, videoke.)

Family Room: 1 bedroom home with free wifi. Includes 1 airconditioned room with queen bed and 1 single bed. 1 shower room and 1 restroom. 1500/night. Check in time 2pm. Check out time 12pm next day

Big Zip Line Ride: 99 pesos per person

Wakeboarding: (wakeboarding is currently closed for maintenance)

Tube Ride: (tube rides are currently closed for maintenance)

Big boat rental: 150 pesos for 2-5 person big boat (per hour)

NEW Paddleboat rental: 200 pesos per hour OR 500 pesos unlimited day use (under 55kilo weight limit)


Bangus (milkfish): 299 pesos per kilo

Lang-keya: 279 pesos per kilo

Tilapia: 259 pesos per kilo

Talaba (live oysters): 95 pesos per kilo (cooked)

Nukos (fresh squid): 590 pesos per kilo or 295 per half kilo (cooked) calamares, adobo, or sinugba

Fishing line and hook rental: 20 pesos

Bait: Free for those fishing

Also Available: 

dpond food menu pic

We can also cook the fish you catch whether it be sinugba, fried, tinola, or kilaw. Restaurant menu at dPond (menu prices may be subject to change at anytime):

Directions to dPond (if passing National Highway): From Cebu City.. Going north.. when you reach Lilo-an.. You’ll see San Roque Development School along the highway (on the right). The corner after that school make a right (KM marker 16) a.k.a. Eskina Yati (there is a green sign on the post saying “Family Fun Fishing”. Just keep going down that road (less than a kilometer) until you see Vista la Playa subdivision on the left. Next to Vista La Playa Subdivision is dPond. There’s a sign saying “dPond Family Fun Fishing” at the entrance of dPond

OR (if passing Cansaga Bridge):   From the Cansaga Bridge.. About 4km from the bridge (the next corner after passing Bea’s bakeshop), there is a green sign on the left saying “dPond Family Fun Fishing”.. at Eskina Tayud, Liloan.. make a left at that sign. After 1km, you will see dPond Family Fun Fishing (located between Academia del Christifidelis School & Vista La Playa Subdivision)

map to dpond family fun fishing

Wikemap to dPond

To contact dPond via Facebook, please go to facebook.com/dpondcebufishing or click –> dPond Cebu Fishing

dPond contact numbers: +639333369386 (sun) 09064521028 (globe) or  09156860926
(032)4241750 (landline contact number)

Come have a fun day with friends & family at dPond 🙂 FREE Entrance

Wakeboarding now at dPond
Wakeboard at dPond


Wakeboarding at dPond. For Beginners: Learn how to wakeboard here with our friendly & skilled staff. For advance riders: Practice on obstacles. Also available: kneeboarding & tube rides.
Enjoy the exciting sport of wakeboarding with friends and family at dPond’s Fun Wake Park. To learn more about Fun Wake Park located in dPond, please click “About FUN WAKE PARK” at the MENU located at the top of this page


Center Cottages at dPond


Executive Cottage


The fishing area / patio of the Executive Cottage


The executive cottage at dPond


1 of the 2 rooms in the executive cottage

11149695_674541406008516_4401704888836643950_o 11705064_707514799377843_871396363315352253_n 11892076_729044933891496_5146504684239813939_n 12289632_772853499510639_1973388796200769537_n

bigfish4 copy bigfish copy bigfish3 copy


“Fishing is much more than fish.  It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” ~Herbert Hoover (31st US president)

To contact dPond via Facebook, please go to facebook.com/dpondcebufishing or click -> dPond Cebu Fishing

dPond contact numbers: +639333369386 (sun) 09216888563 (smart) 09064521028 (globe) or (032)4241750 (landline)

Come have a fun day with friends & family at dPond 🙂

Dpond Menu

28 thoughts on “About DPOND FAMILY FUN FISHING

  1. Posted by MrsJack: didto mi aning D' Pond sa yati, liloan last Aug.21 man to… ..lingaw kaayo… …for 3 hours namo didto daghan kaayo mi'g kuha oi! 21 kabook! -entrace is indeed free -the bangus catch you'… and its very fresh! -taga & pwede ra pod ka dala og imo. lingaw kaayo oi! kay kato pa jud mi naka-adto. nya its not true nga dali ra paslon ang fish. maayo ra igsugod kay mura'g walay challenge pero exciting kaayo kung makakuha dayon ka …kay after mga 5 catches siguro, mura'g makat-on pod ang mga bangus. lisod na kuhaon. pwerting daghana namo kuha. 21pcs. nya daku-dako na pod puros. Very Fresh!

  2. hi nick,

    nice blog.
    after watching the video of your visit to dpond, i, together with my family again went there last jan 2, actually its my 4th visit…and yes the dpond had improved a lot.. cemented pathways,, clean canteen..uniform servers..etc.. kudos to the owners..and bloggers..lolz

    regards to ur fam..

  3. hi there! how do we get to your place if we will just ride the bus from cebu city? i know there’s a bus from cebu city (south bus terminal) going to lilo-an port via bato and oslob. i’ve been to that route only once. what do we tell the bus driver (e.g. where do we alight?) then what mode of transpo do we take after alighting from the bus going to your place? thanks much! my friends and i are planning to visit your place this coming march.

    • Hi Chelle, ride a bus/jeep going north to Liloan. Tell the driver to let you go down at “Eskina Yati”. This is the corner after San Roque School on the right. From the corner, take a tricycle to dPond. dPond is about 1 kilometer from that corner. Next to Vista La Playa Subdivision 🙂

  4. Hi,

    My colleagues and I are going to visit Cebu this coming March. We saw an add about D Pond and we’re interested. Do you have an email address where we can send our inquiries?

    Looking forward to your response.

  5. had a great time @ d’pond.. Place was cool, food was great, staffs were friendly and accomodating, very convinient and affordable.. a sure place to bond with family and friends.. Thumbs up!! ^_^

  6. Fabulous ! hang out,,indeed it suits for family bonding, and s0 enjoyable.,for every0ne,”
    Delicious fo0d that would complete ur cravings !!
    Their has a WiFi connecti0n up in here!! which i love the m0st….
    Great experience that you’ll never miss..
    Hope for the best and keep it up guy !
    Two thumbs up!

  7. nice kaau sa dpond very cool very accomodating customer oriented kaau ilang crew very2x nice……impressive 🙂

  8. thanks for taking on this venture 🙂 Cebu has limited outdoor venues for kids to enjoy nature… hats off to you 🙂

  9. Planning a class reunion on May 25, 2012
    Interested on renting your cottage for 15 guest
    Can you tell me your availability. Are you
    far from cebu? What transportation do you

    • Hi Brenda Roach, yes, there are still available cottages for May 25, 2012. Cottages rates are 300, 400, and 600, good for the whole day rent and up to 15-20 people. Entrance is free at dPond. dPond is in Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan.. located about 15km from Cebu City. For transportation, there are plenty of taxis that will go to dPond. Also, there are public jeeps from SM to Liloan. Tell the driver “Eskina Yati” in Liloan and from that intersection ride a tricycle to dPond. If you have an other inquires and would like an instant reply, you may contact us at 09333369386 or (32)4241750 🙂

  10. hi nick. ur plc looks interesting. do u hv a beach nearby? can u post good pics of ur cottages? facilities r not clear…we’d appreciate if u post good pics of ur facilities, i.e., cottages, restaurant, rooms. thanks a lot. Godspeed and may ur tribe increase.

  11. Sir Nick, how are you related to Mark Abella? He told me when we went deep sea fishing sometime in early 2010 that his family have a fishing resort in Yati. I think he just came from the US. I would like to visit your place one time.

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