About dPond’s FUN WAKE PARK

dPond’s Fun Wake Park in dPond Family Fun Fishing, Yati, Liloan, Cebu ENTRANCE IS FREE for this fun outdoor activity for you + friends & family. For beginners & first time riders, our friendly staff will help teach you how to wakeboard. For advance riders, obstacles are available to enhance your skills. Fun Wake Park is an exciting activity at dPond Family Fun Fishing in Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines. Free wifi. Restaurant is open daily. Low Rates Everyday

Video Above taken at Fun Wake Park. Wakeboard, wakeskate, wakeboard obstacles, kneeboard, tube ride activity at dPond, Yati, Liloan Cebu.





  • 500 per hour for 1 to 4 people (hour is exclusive for you/your companions)
  • Rates include equipment + shower use          


Tube Ride   (Tube Ride is for ages 4 & up / under 50 kilos):

  •  3 rounds (6 pulls across the park) 99

Tube Ride video at Fun Wake Park (above)

Great for kids. No skill required. Ride on a large inner tube & get pulled across water 6 times. Riding feel is similar to a banana boat ride except without the boat. Helmet/life vest included.


NOTE: dPond’s Fun Wake Park is open every day, 8am-6pm. 1 hour time cannot be stopped/paused. If there are technical delays or crew breaks or tube rides, extra time will be added to cover the lost time. Fun Wake Park uses salt water, and water is changed every high tide. Ground is muddy as we continue to remove mud & deepen ground. Shower use is Free. Improvements are ongoing. For bringing outside food/drinks, 150/table corkage fee. No corkage fee for dPond Menu purchases of p200 or more per table. Thank you & Have FUN

Come & have a fun day at dPond’s Fun Wake Park & dPond Family Fun.

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Videos at Fun Wake Park (video playlist below)

Map to Fun Wake Park / dPond Family Fun Fishing
Map to Fun Wake Park / dPond Family Fun Fishing (above)

Contact Number for dPond Family Fun Fishing & dPond’s Fun Wake Park: (032)4241750  09064521028 09333369386 09216888563

Please LIKE us on Facebook:  dPond Family Fun Fishing   and   Fun Wake Park

HAVE A FUN DAY WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS. COME TO DPOND & DPOND’S FUN WAKE PARK located at dPond, Kawayanan, Yati, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines


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